Designer. Photographer. Artist.  

Julie Schuchard has been working as a photographer and designer for over 20 years. Her education and training in fine arts, have enabled her to apply the artistic process in her work.  She works with various mediums, including lomo and holga, medium format, alternative processes, and digital. Julie currently lives and works in San Francisco, where for the last 15 years, she has applied her photography and design in the music industry, as a portrait photographer, artist, and currently in the theatre. 

Education and History
Julie Schuchard studied Fine Art Photography at Southern Oregon University from 1997-2000 where she focussed her work on mixed media and experimental processes.  Following the completion of her undergraduate education, she settle in Portland Oregon, where she worked as an art educator for The Portland Art Museum and Fine Art Starts.  In 2002, she returned to San Francisco where she completed a Masters in Women Studies / Art History at San Francisco State University.  Her thesis deconstructs the relationship between visual imagery and gender where she examined the work of contemporary artist, Cindy Sherman. 

In the summer of 2012, Julie began a portrait series entitled 'Darth Across America'. For several months she traveled the United States capturing various subjects pose as Darth Vader. The series  garnered national attention with various art blogs including Fecal Face, The Bold Italic, and aCurator.  

For the last 4 years, Julie has grounded her art work in a series of architectural images using a Holga, film, and cross processing, a departure from her years as a portrait artist.  She currently works at Z Space theater in San Francisco, as the creative in resident.